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Redefining Health'Care'

Are you looking for a


approach to health?

The journey to wellness begins with an in-depth look at your health history as we become health detectives!

From there we chart out a course, unique to you, as we identify opportunities to restore balance through food, activity and lifestyle changes which support your genes while maximizing your health!

Gaining Clarity

Our number one goal is to help you get crystal clear on where you are in your health journey and where you want to be.   This is why we help you to kick-start that process with our complimentary Functional Health Score and Discovery Consult.  

Together they allow us (including you) to see if we can help you identify the missing pieces of your health.

Digging Deeper
Uncovering the reason why a disease manifests or why symptoms are present is the core concept and foundation of what we do.  Helping others to connect the dots of their symptoms as we look at a wide array of factors which play a role in health.

I promise that no one has ever delved this deep into your health background as we do here at Functional Health Mama. 

From this day forward, your health journey will change from chasing symptoms to supporting your innate healing systems.  We will share our knowledge with you with an emphasis on teaching you what you need to know to regain, and maintain, health and vitality!

This is how we re-define Health Care!

this is our recipe for succes

  • Empower individuals with practical life strategies
  • Provide access to high-quality supplements, herbal products, and other quality health resources
  • Inspire a new lifestyle for our clients, leading to a healthy and happy life

Functional Health Programs

Nutrigenomics 101

Simple, fast and effective way to jump start your health and support your innate healing system in creating health



  • Access to Functional Genomic Nutritional Analysis Genetic Test of 200,000 genes and 15,000 reported SNPs
  • 60-Minute Nutrigenomic Consult
  • Unlimited Messaging For 30 Days
  • Raw Genetic Data
  • Comprehensive Nutrigenomic Reports
  • $497 Upgrade Credit Towards our Wellness Programs
Gut Health 101

Simple, fast and effective way to get an inside look at opportunistic organisms, normal flora, parasites, and antibiotic resistance genes



  • Access to True DNA/PCR Assay Comprehensive Stool Test - GI Map
  • 60-Minute Functional Gut Health Consult
  • Unlimited Messaging For 30 Days
  • Personalized Health Strategy Guide 
  • $597 Upgrade Credit Towards our Wellness Programs
Functional Health & Wellness 101

Our most popular 6-month program designed for those with significant, chronic health challenges



  • Nutrigenomics 101
  • Gut Health 201
  • 12 Consults with Salena 
  • Personalized Lifestyle Plan
  • Personalized Food Plan
  • Personalized Supplement Plan
  • 4 Buteyko Breathing Consults
  • Direct Lab Pricing
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Access to Deeply Discounted Supplements and Health Products

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Meet the Functional Health Mama!

Salena Rothenberger, D.PSc, CFMP, CHC

Functional Health Mentor, Wellness Advocate and Founder of The Functional Perspective

Too often, people think of “wellness” as something temporary, or worse, unobtainable. Their work with doctors ends up taking short-term steps to improve their life… and “wellness”… but often fall back to their less healthy routines once they are left to fend for themselves and rely on symptom management protocols designed for the masses.  After seeing this happen with her own son, Salena wanted to provide an opportunity which not only helped others to improve their gastrointestinal health, autoimmune disease, and overall wellness, but also give them the tools to continue their progress “infinitely”, long after they completed their program. 


Opportunities to regain health and vitality!

Create a personalized strategy

that addresses all areas

of health, from Sleep, Stress,

Diet, Activity, Toxins, and Genetics

Functional Health Mama

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We are a team of dreamers: we envision a world where individuals are empowered and encouraged to take charge of their health. 

We want to create an alternative way of living, where healthy and vitality is the norm and every day amazing!

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